H.S Negi was born in 1944 in a very small village of Tehsil and Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. At that time Kullu District was in a backward area. Parents of Mr. Negi were from a middle class family. He has done his primary education from village primary school and secondary education from Kullu Sr. School Kullu. At that time there was no vehicle and he had to go to school by foot for far Kilometers. Even there was no electricity during school period. Mr. Negi was inspired by the working of artistically Artifacts of his maternal uncle. He was a very good sculpture artist. He used to draw the sketches on paper and on wood. This inspired Mr. Negi for the drawing. There was no such person, at that time to help Mr. Negi to improve his drawing skills He has completed his secondary education and went to college for further studies.


Mr. Negi did not complete degree and joined Indian in the Corps of Signals as an electronic Technician for the country, because at that time Indian Army was fighting with enemy. After the completion of Army training he was posted to Delhi in Army Headquarter (Signals) where Mr. Negi got the golden opportunity to visit National Art Gallery Delhi and inspired by the great painting of great Artists. After that Mr. Negi again started to draw sketches and paint with water color. Fact is at that time Mr. Negi did not know about oil paintings art and canvas. Then he started search for the paintings techniques, looks and other information regarding art and painting.


He has started canvas paintings from 1974. But he was not perfect to draw and paint at that time. He had no sufficient time for art work means to paintings. Being a soldier he had to fulfill his duties first and had to work in paintings in spare time.


Mr. Negi has discharged from his duties under the command of Lt. Col. V.K.Mahajan in 1978 and then Mr. Mahajan spared him full time to work in painting. Lt. Col. V.K.Mahajan even sent him to Mhow for selection of Artist, and where he was selected for corps artist ads. He was sent to undergo the training of art in a Govt. Art college for a short period. Thereafter he was posted to Jabalpur my parent training center Headquarter. He was given the Job for deciphering and painting, pertaining to the achievements, gallantry and historical events of Signals Crops.There are many paintings which he painted and now displayed at crops Museum Signal Headquarters, Jabalpur, M.P., India MCTE Mhow, Army Headquarter Delhi.


He came on pension establishment in 1990. He could not continue to paint work due to domestic problems. But gradually he started again to work for painting. He had displayed his paintings at Kullu in 2002. Again he got the opportunity to display paintings at Naggar, Distt. Kullu in Rorick Art Gallery of International fame, form 14th April to 3 May 2008.


At the last, I would like to disclose Mr. Negi’s feelings and interest that he like to draw true replica of Nature and the creations of God and the cultures of communities. He creates paintings that build on his strong tribal traditions as well as his interest in the changing world of today.